University of Mazandaran + University of Opole
STUDY ABROAD ERASMUS+ for University of Mazandaran Teachers
International Staff mobility
International staff mobility for 2019 is available for the academic staff members of the following departments of the University of Mazandaran.
-Geography and Tourism
According to UMZ’s long-term goal, the University shall increase the international mobility of its students and teachers.  UMZ’s policy of internationalization stresses the importance of international interfaces. To support these goals and policies, the Office of International and Scientific Cooperation (OISC) is announcing a call for applications for funding for international staff mobility 2018 with the help of the University of Opole, Poland and in fulfillment of the MoU that was signed between the two universities. This effort is meant to fund travel and other related costs that cannot be financed via the university’s regular budget, where the goal is to develop education.
Eligibility and funding
The International Office of UMZ will notify the relevant departments about Erasmus+ programs. The faculties and the departments will the hold sessions in which the teachers are chosen by the relevant departments; teachers chosen are all employees of University of Mazandaran.
The following people were chosen as part of staff mobility program:
1. Dr. Mirzaee, Geography and Tourism
2. Dr. Omrani, Chemistry
3. Dr. Shirkhodaee, Economics
4. Dr. Firoozjaeean, Sociology
5. Dr. Naghinezhad,Biology
6. Dr. Mahmoudi Kordi, Law
Other teachers’ names will be published here as soon as they are introduced to us by the relevant departments.
Please send the following documents to by January, 4th, 2019:
1. Application Form
2. Transcript of records 
3. Scanned copy of passport
4. Motivation letter
5. Recommendation letter (optional) 
University of Mazandaran, Iran + University of Opole, Poland
STUDY ABROAD ERASMUS+ for University of Mazandaran Students
University of Mazandaran in cooperation with University of Opole in Poland offers one-semester mobility program for Bachelor, Master and PhD students in the fields of Social Sciences, Mathematics, Law, Geography, Urban Planning and Economics. The mobility program is fully funded by Erasmus +.
Travel costs of up to 530 EUR/per round trip are covered by the scholarship program.
Students will be granted 750 EUR/per month for accommodation & living costs.
Visa costs will be refunded (60 EUR).
Teachers will be granted 140 EUR/per day for accommodation & living costs.
In order to apply for student mobility you need to send the following documents to by January 4th 2019.
1. Application Form
2. Transcript of records 
3. Scanned copy of passport
4. Motivation letter 
5. Recommendation letter (optional)
The following students will be interviewed by University of Opole and then one student will be chosen from the relevant department in order to take part in the program that will start on 8th of February.
The names of the students chosen will be posted after the names of the candidates are passed on to UMZ International Office.
1- Department of English Language: Student Mobility Program
A. Mr. Ali Amjadisouraki 
Skype: Ali Amjadi
B.  Mr. Ali Babajanzadeh ale chali
Skype: ali babajanzade
C.  Ms. Zahra Momenikhenari
Skype: Zahra momeni
2- Department of Sociology: Student Mobility Program
A. Ms. Negar Shahryari
Skype: shahryari_negar
B. Mr. Zargham Fathi
Skype: zargham fathi
3- Department of Economics: Student Mobility Program
A. Ms.Zahra Kashanian
Skype: yasaman.k
B. Ms. Qonche Alizadeh
Skype: qonche alizade
C. Ms. Negin Pulej
Skype: negin pulej
4- Department of Geography and Tourism: Internship
A. Mr. Khashayar Jahani
Skype: khashayarj7
B. Ms. Sargol Refahi
Skype: sargol refahi
5- Department of Biology: Internship
A. Ms. Sharian Ghasemi (M.Sc student)
Skype: sharyan ghasemi
B.  Mr. Farshad Mohammadzadeh Gharegheshlagh (M.Sc student)
Skype: farshad mohammadzade
6- Department of Law: Internship
A. Ms. Haleh Hashemi
Skype: Hale Hashemi
B. Ms. ?????
- In the interviews that were conducted on 15th of January of 2019 by the officials of Opole University, three students from the Department of English, Department of Economics and Department of Sociology were chosen. Ms. Zahra Momeni, Department of English, Ms. Shahryari, Department of Sociology and Ms. Ghoncheh Alizadeh, Department of Economics.
The internship students will be interviewed and their names announced here in the coming days.

Should you have any other questions please feel free to contact Office of International and Scientific Cooperation (Central Organization of the University of Mazandaran) at or call 0098-1135303130.