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Dr. Iraj Asadi, Faculty Member of Department of Urbanism of University of Mazandaran, at University of Opole in Poland

From November 25th to December 5th, I stayed in the city of Opole in Poland in the framework of Erasmus+ Program (exchange of European and non-European students and professors). During the eight days of my residence in Opole four lectures were given:
1. On November 26th, a meeting was held with Professor Janusz SŁODCZYK vice deputy of the University and two other colleagues of the Erasmus Office, and then I was given a work schedule and I was told when and where my lectures and presentations should be given.
 Following this meeting, we visited the Opole University museum. During the visit various explanations were given about the history of university and the physical changes that took place over the years, especially during the years after World War II.
2. My first lecture was presented on Tuesday at 10:30 entitled "An Introduction to the Urban Planning System of Iran" for faculty members of the Faculty of Economics and PhD students in Urban Planning and Land Management. My lecture finished with questions and answers from the attendees.
3. The second lecture was held on Tuesday at 13:00 , entitled "Informal Residences in Iran" for undergraduate students in Urban Planning and Land Management", which was held at  Prof. SŁODCZYK’s class with nearly 40 undergraduate students.
4. The third lecture was given on the same day at 15:00, entitled "Coping Strategies for the Challenges of Urbanization in Iran". It was presented to a group of other undergraduate students, which was finished with questions and answers from the students.
5. The fourth lecture was held on Thursday November 28th from 10.30 to 12, entitled "Social Participation Mechanisms for Urban Development Plans", and it was presented to undergraduate students from the Department of Urban Planning, the comparative study of the urban planning system of Iran and other countries was also discussed. This meeting was more of a workshop and was accompanied by multiple questions and answers.
6. On Saturday, November 30th, I traveled to wroclaw, accompanied by Prof. SŁODCZYK. From 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM, we made visits to different historical places in the city; the visits paid to various places in city provided a lot of useful information about its history and helped me understand how it evolved from the beginning of the thirteenth century to the contemporary period, especially post-World War II developments. It can be used as the source of the discussion for the history of urbanization and its developments and analysis of urban areas.
The important achievements of this trip:
• The Erasmus+ Mobility Program is a great opportunity for both faculty members and students from both universities to become more familiar with planning and collaborative academic and research activities.
• On this trip, I was acquainted with the history and structure of some Polish cities, particularly with regard to the enormous transformations that took place in the country in terms of urbanization and infrastructure development through EU programs.
• I think both faculty members of UMZ and Opole University can work on writing joint research papers.

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