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New international collaboration provides dual doctorate degree

In September, the University of Mazandaran signed an agreement with the University of Borås regarding a doctoral programme that leads to a dual doctorate degree. The first doctoral student is expected to start in 2019.
Upon completion, the doctoral student will receive a doctoral degree in both Resource Recovery from the University of Borås and Applied Chemistry from the University of Mazandaran. The agreement is valid for six years and is something that has not been previously a part of the doctoral programme in Resource Recovery.
"There is an interest in Iran in developing research and education when it comes to waste management. As a result, they are interested in working with us," said Mohammad Taherzadeh, professor and research leader in the doctoral research programme Resource Recovery.
And the University of Borås gains an important partner, both in terms of research and doctoral education.
"The doctoral students will divide their time between these two research environments, thus gaining access to more supervisors and more laboratory equipment, and thus further having the opportunity to develop during their research studies," he continues.

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