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Visiting University of Opole through Erasmus+ Program Prof. Mahmoud Sharehpour, June, 2018

I was guest of University of Opole in Poland from June 4 to 13, 2018, in the framework of the Erasmus + program. Some of my programs during the ten-day trip come in the following:
- Attending as a guest in two postgraduate classrooms and teaching two subjects,
- Attending the Student’s Exhibitions held in the premises of the university,
- Participating at “Short Call" seminar with scholars from Poland and other countries to discuss global trends in higher education
- Field Visits of the City of Opole with professors of the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Opole in the framework of the Urban Sociology Course 
- delivering a speech at the University of Opole on: The Relationship between Polish Refugees and Iranian Society 
During World War II,
-participating at student camp,
- Visiting the rural areas of Opole with Opole University professors
Some of my experiences during this trip are:
1. Teacher and student exchange programs, such as the Erasmus program, have a huge impact on recognizing different cultures and societies and helping maintaining global peace.
2. These programs offer an exceptional opportunity for exchanging knowledge and experiences between professors and students.
3. All staff at the University of Opole, including professors, students at the university, treated me very kindly.
4. According to the conditions of the Polish community, there are relatively similar socio-cultural similarities between Iran and Poland, which provides a good basis for scientific cooperation.
5. The friendly relationship between Iranians and Polish immigrants during the Second World War has created a good context for cooperation between the two countries in the current situation.
6. The existence of relatively similar and friendly history between the two countries can provide joint research topics for the professors of the two universities.
7. The Department of Social Sciences at the University of Opole is well positioned in the field of qualitative research and can be of great help to the professors and students of the University of Mazandaran.
8. Department of Social Sciences of University of  Mazandaran  has a very good track record in quantitative research and use of statistics and can be of great help to professors and students of the University of Opole.
9. University of Mazandaran can provide effective support for University of Opole in setting up PhD courses.
10. The journals published at the University of Opole can provide a suitable platform for publishing articles by the professors of the University of Mazandaran.
11. The level of prices for goods and services in Poland and in the city of Opole is in a better position than many other EU cities, and it is not much difficult to meet the costs of living in this country for Iranian professors and students.

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