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Dr. Amer Nikpours visit to University of Opole, Erasmus + program

In fulfilling the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the University of Mazandaran and University of Opole and in the framework of Erasmus+ my 11 day trip began on November 4 and ended on November 15. The purpose of my stay at Opole University was to take a course of study at the this university. The programs that I took in there are as follows:
I arrived in Poland by the Tehran – Frankfurt – Wroclaw flight. After arriving at Wroclaw, we traveled to Opole and settled in the Orby house apartment. During the second day, along with Mr. Kouhestani, I went to the city and the bank and purchased my daily necessities.
On the third day at the Faculty of Economics, I met the faculty members, and got acquainted with their field of study, and got important information on the activities of the Erasmus program, then with the help of Dr. Mashova we got to know the design and structure of the University of Opole. In the Analytics classroom of the Islamic city area, Dr. Tavalaee and Dr. Yanush delivered their lectures and good discussions were made with other members of the department. Then we got to know the central areas of the city of Opole along with Dr. Mashova .
I met Dr. Yanush at the university office and visited the University"s Museum. Then I attended the class of Human Geography by Dr. Yanush, and met with international students. I then attended the class of Social Participation in Space Planning by Mr. Jack Cork , then we went to see the school library after class and visited the Oder" Riverside for lunch and walked in the city. I also attended the lecture of Dr. Tavalaee with the subject of analysis of the space of the four gardens of Isfahan. At the appropriate time, I went to the Faculty of Arts and attended Dr. Magdalena"s classroom in which  Dr. Tavalee gave lectures on calligraphy in Iran. After class, along with Dr. Magdalena, I saw the works of university students at the city exhibition. After that, I went to the city of Krakow and saw the remains of medieval urbanism, the Jewish district, and fascinating cultural and historical traces of the city.
After that, I went to the city of Wroclaw and got acquainted with the reconstruction of the urban spaces by visiting the historical texture of the city; and visited urban spaces such as the Science and Culture Square, the War Square, the University of Warsaw, the Mother Square, the Museum of Evolution, the local market and shopping centers. On the last day, our trip ended with the change of flight to Vienna and Tehran. For me, as my first European trip this was a very useful experience. Especially the experience of visiting the cities of Opole, Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw and observing the quality of urban spaces, the way of planning and managing the city and getting acquainted with the new urban culture.
 I am very grateful to the President of the University of Mazandaran, Dr. Azizi the Director of International Office , and his office manager, Ms. Sadeghi. I hope that the Erasmus Plus program will continue and my other colleagues at the University of Mazandaran can benefit from it.
Nikpour November 18, 2018

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