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First International Conference on issues in English Language Teaching and Literature was held at the University of Mazandaran

For the first time, the English Language and Literature Department of the University of Mazandaran held an international conference on the teaching of English language and literature.
The conference, which was held on October 18 at the Faculty of Humanities, was attended by guests from Iran and foreign countries including Canada, Poland and Iraq.
The conference was welcomed by a large number of authors and researchers;  more than 600 articles were received for the arbitration. Due to  limitations, only 181 articles could be presented at the conference.

(Dr. Yaqubi, Dr. Ghaffari, Dr. Shomoosi and Dr. Rahmani while instructing in their workshops)
The conference was held in two days: during the first day, four workshops were held and during the second day, articles of professors and students were presented. 2 panel discussions were also held on the second day; one particularly on literature and another on ELT. 
The Keynote Speakers of the conference were Dr. Nassaji from University of Victoria and Dr. Nojoumian from Shahid Beheshti University.

Dr. Nojoumian and Dr. Nassaji giving their keynote speech
A memorial photo with Dr. Nassaji in the Office of International and Scientific Cooperation of UMZ

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