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Dr. Mahmoud Sharehpour, a professor of sociology, visited Univeristy of Opole in Poland from June 4 to June 13

 Dr. Mahmoud Sharehpour, a professor of sociology, visited Univeristy of Opole in Poland from June 4 to June 13. This visit was in fullfillment of the teacher mobility program between Univeristy of Mazandaran and University of Opole which started from April this year. He is one of the nine UMZ professors who have already visited Opole or will be going there within the coming months; additionally, five UMZ students are now at the University of Opole in order to finish their 6-month mobility program.

Dr. Mahmoud Azizi, the director of the International Office of the university, in his recent trip to Opole, conducted a number of meetings with the officials of Univeristy of Opole in order to consolidate the bilateral relations and help carry on with student as well as teacher exchange programs. It is worth mentioning that the program is fully funded by the European Union.

The following is the summary of schedules prepared by Dr. Mahmoud Sharepour:

·Guest appearance at professor Robert Geislers (of Institute of Sociology) class (Economic Anthropology) at Collegium Civitas, room 119

First Lecture: “Human Development in Iran and Poland”.

·Participation at students exhibition together with professor Magdalena Hlawacz of Faculty of Art, at Municipal Library.

·Attending students performance curated by professor Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci.

·Mini contact seminar with Polish colleagues and some other scholars from Turkey and Czech Republic. We talked about our works and tried to find common spaces for future cooperations. Collegium Maius, room 13 (dean’s office conference room).

·Sociological tour of Opole - guided by dr. Borys Cymbrowski of the Institute of Sociology.

·Participation at the lecture of professor Marek Dziekan on Islam and Arab world.

·Second Lecture: "Polish odyssey in Iran: Mutual understanding and cooperation" at Collegium Maius, University of Opole Museum. This was a lecture about how the Iran offered help to Polish refugees  during World War II. After the presentation,  I was invited by Dr. Wanke and Dr. Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska (communication scholar from the Institute of English) who are currently editing an issue of a journal on the Borderlands of Academia to write a paper on the Poles in Iran.

·Meeting with the deputy rector, professor Janusz Słodczyk to discuss further scientific collaborations.

·Field trip with professor Janusz Słodczyk to visit rural settlements around Opole.

·Field trip to Wrocław with professor Magdalena Hlawacz and her students.

·Guest appearance at Dr. Michał Wanke’s (of Institute of Sociology) class (Cross-cultural dialogues)

Third Lecture: “ Iran: From Standpoint of Intercultural Communication”, At Collegium Civitas 119.

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