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Dr. Mostafa Rostami, a faculty member of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture, visits Yerevan State University of Armenia (Part II)

In line with the development of international relations and academic diplomacy of the university and in efforts made to set up TabarestanStudies Center at Yerevan State University and after the correspondence between the Presidents of twouniversities,Dr. Rostami visited Yerevan in May 2018. Dr. Rostami, in addition to speaking at the “International Conference on Historical and Cultural Relations between Iran and the Caucasus" at the Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University of Yerevan, conducted several meetings with the officials of the Yerevan State University.

At“International Conference on Historical and Cultural Relations between Iran and the Caucasus" at Slavonic University



In his previous visit, Dr. Rostami,held meetings with the academic staff of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Yerevan State University and the Iranian Cultural Center; he also talked about areas in which the two universities can have close cooperation.However, it was after formal correspondence between the presidents of the two universities of Yerevan and Mazandaran that a special place was allocated as the future Tabarestan Studies Center.The Center will be run by the University of Mazandaran and is supposed to start its activities as soon as an MoU is signed. The Center will introduce and study Tabari culture, art and literature in Armenia.

Negotiations with the faculty of Oriental Studiesandthe Department of Iranian Studies, University of Yerevan

Currently, the international offices of the two universities are preparing the rough draft of the memorandum of understanding that will be signed when the presidents of the two universities meet. It is hoped that the future cooperation between the two universities of the neighboring countries can further enhance the long-term friendship between the two countries of Iran and Armenia.

The future officeofTabarestan Studies Centerat Yerevan State University

With the establishment of Tabarestan Studies Center at Yerevan State University, it is hoped that faculty members as well as students of the two University of Mazandaran and University of Yerevancan visit and conduct research in different academic fields at each other’s university.

A view of Yerevan State University

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