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UMZ was host to a delegation consisting of the vice president and vice deans of the Atyrau University of Kazakhstan.

Last Tuesday, a delegation from Atyrau University, led by the vice president of the university, Prof. Aigerim Shilibekova, visited University of Mazandaran. On Wednesday, they met the president of UMZ, Dr Mirnia, and declared their readiness to begin mutual collaboration with UMZ by signing a memorandum of understanding.

Dr Mirnia also expressed his hope for this cooperation. Having noted the long-standing relationship that exists among the Caspian Sea universities as the Association of State Universities of Caspian Countries (ASUCC), he was positive that multilateral collaborations and solidarity among these universities is achievable. It should be mentioned that UMZ and Atyrau University have been part of ASUCC since 1997.

The director of the Office of International and Scientific Cooperation (OISC), Dr Azizi, and the head of the Department of Russian Translation, Dr Motamednia, were also among the hosts. The delegation also met with some of the educational departments and research centers of UMZ.


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